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Chris Tidestrom – Standing on Your Doorstep

Bio: Originally from Stockholm and Hudiksvall, Sweden. I live in Charleston, SC since 2001. I use the original VoiceTone Harmony-G quite a bit… but not on this take

  • Chris

    I am NOT left handed! I mirrored the webcam so I could watch myself in a better way as I was recording. Just so you know :)

  • Sarah Bella

    Wonderful Original! Can hear the emotion in your voice. The guitar compliments your vocals perfectly! Really loved the performance, raw and real!

  • Dazeo

    Heey Chris I love the song and your raspy voice. Great job!

  • Katarina

    I like it! Hugs for you!

  • Tom Dittrich

    Great song, Chris! I may have to borrow it. ;-)

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  • Wayne

    Nice job! What did you record it with? Any effects at all?

  • Chris

    I have the original ZOOM H4 handy recorder. I tried using that together with the webcam (to get it in stereo) but got terrible latency because the H4 is USB 1.0. So I recorded it…and am singing together with the recording when recording it on the webcam :) I used some reverb, that’s all. I think I used Audacity (freeware app) for the “editing”.

  • Hello Chris,

    Love the husky realism in your voice. It’s kind of a trippy vid with the stockings in the back and all. Gives me a Stan Rogers vibe. Ya’ move me dude…good song.



  • Chris

    Thanks, Brian! lol, yeah the stockings makes it easier to date the vid… around X-mas. Year 2009 to be more exact :)
    And again, thanks for the kind words about the song. I actually have a hard time beleiving myself that I wrote it! I must have stepped in the way when the song was on it’s way to Steve Earle’s brain :D

  • stupid girl

    I was searching for a song with “standing on your doorstep” in it, and i found this! amazing! i broke up with my boyfriend, and he moved away. i’ve bought a plane ticket to make a surprise visit on his birthday next week, and i wanted to think of a way to tell him i was on his doorstep. i’m going to send him a link to this song! thank you so much! please pray for me that it works out!