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Christen Sawyer – Ashes

My name is Christen Sawyer and I’m a 22 year old singer/songwriter out of Houston, Texas! I love and listen to all types of music and try to bring that eclectic sound to the music I write. I’m fortunate enough to be able to perform full time with my band right now, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store! You can check out most of my songs as well as video clips, lyrics, and blogs on MySpace/Facebook/Youtube… I’d love to hear from you guys!!

  • Sophie Hayzelden

    Hi, I really like your voice. It’s really powerful and the song is really catchy. I’ve heard it once and it’s already stuck in my head! Which is good! : ) Well Done.

  • Hi Christen,

    You got it! Looks, voice, and great stage presence. Now, let’s wrangle in the recording process :) The guitar is blowing you vocal away and distorting. Not being picky…as I can tell what’s going on. You’re powerful and I dig that. Your delivery is emotive and bravo for memorizing your lyrics = hahaha, you’d be surprised how many submittals read while they sing…this does a lot for connecting with your audience. So, are you taking a “country” approach with your music…seems a perfect fit…I appreciate the heart felt words, tough yet sensitive :)



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