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Christie Lenee- “Learning Tree”- Original

Bio: Christie Lenée is a visionary of cosmic proportions, embodied by magnetic waves of sound and the pulse of melodic motion. Her music manifests passion, electric energy, and soulful insight- transmitted from the heart and crafted into her compositions. Lenée’s keen sensibilities sit at the core of her expressions- articulated through masterful guitar pieces, poetic lyrics, vocals, and orchestral movements. Lenée has composed a variety of innovative work- from folk and funk, to pop/rock inspired songs, to choral arrangements and classical orchestrations. With a dream to create global harmony through music, Lenée continues to expand upon her ever-evolving repertoire.

  • Hello Christine!

    Holy smokes…another artist from Tampa Bay…I think we're the only two on the forum from our neck of the woods. I believe I've caught your act, live, at Katiki on St. Pete Beach? If not, I know I've seen your show somewhere similar. You got it girl! I've seen you work a crowd first hand. Your every bit as sultry as you are piss n' vinegar!

    I think you have a unique voice and seasoned approach to your music…the vocals are unusual yet comfortable in “Learning Tree,” + I really dig the lyrics. You can rip up that axe too – woohoo…not always easy for artists to accomplish on acoustic instruments.

    It seems the norm for the majority of our peer review artists to submit a video of them playing acoustic (strumming along) instruments, while singing in their bedroom. I don't judge them for that but I do like that you've brought us into your live performance mode via the internet.

    You appear comfortable singing and playing, which is really nice to hear and see. I don't imagine everyone will like this tune, but who can please all? I've seen your eclectic audience…they’re as unusual as you are…nothing wrong with that – you've found a niche and you're working it!!!

    Curious, have you gleaned label interest…I know you've been at it a while. If not, run down the Americana circuit. Also, if you haven't already, check out sites like (http://www.sonicbids.com) for business ops in the southeast. Seriously, for your style, there are more grassroots gigs down here than one can shake a stick at. There's no reason why you couldn't work large festivals on a weekly basis.

    Ya' got my vote!