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Christy – Somebody That I Used To Know cover

  • Accastro

    Thank You so much for allowing me to be featured!! love you <3

  • Efay

    Nice voice and interesting tonal qualities. I like the song it has a good rhythm. It is the same (guitar) all the way through the song. You may want to add a musical bridge to keep it interesting. You are talented

  • Hi Christy,

    Glad you did a good job of this cos’ I really like the song…I think it’s a very creative number both lyrically and musically.  You’ve got good rhythm and you hit the notes well.  Good job.  Now, you just need to invest in some quality recording equipment so we can really hear the nuiances in your playing and singing.  Also, standup when you sing…will help you add wind to your performance and produce less strain :)



  • russ