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Claire – You Know I’m No Good cover

  • Jessica Rose

    Wow Claire, this is a really lovely version of this song. You have a lovely effortless vocal quality with great feel. Keep it coming! Jess :-)

  • jen.I

    Really love your vocals Claire, and the movements are great as well, keep doing what your doing, sounds great, I get pissed off with so called professors of music that say keep music live, you should’nt be using backing tracks, well I’ve been a musician since the 60’s played with groups, and 12 piece bands, and now to make a living my brother and I use backing tracks and everybody says we sound like the real thing, we do our own thru’ midi to get the sound of a real band, its like saying to a farmer you can’t use combine harvesters, go back to horses, no!!  way. or colour TV go back to black and white.  

  • Hiya Claire,

    Cool voice, great stage presence, and way to hold onto your performance with all that racket around you.  Try not to smack the microphone when ya’ clap your hands though – haha – ooopsie!  I enjoyed your rendtition of this song…you’re voice is haunting and nice to listen to…I’d drop the percussive stuff though…it’s only great when it’s in time!  Other than that I totally dig your vibe!



  • KowBoy Tom

    Claire, the technical aspects of your live performance are excellent! Nicely done. I enjoy watching you perform, it’s very clear that you’re there to have fun, and you take us all along for the trip. Thank you.

    -KowBoy Tom