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Clevanne Caday – Billie Jean cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Rachel Lebon:

Nice, original take on the Michael Jackson standard. Maintained an individualized interpretation also with the guitar accompaniment with a nice steady guitar rhythmic feel underpinning the tune. Nice and entertaining, You have an individualized sound and style, as well as vocal quality. You also have good range and some falsetto, which will develop increasingly as you explore it. There seems to be some tightness in the tongue that adds an interesting timbre to your sound, but could cause problems over time. Ideally, your falsetto should become robust enough so that it does not fall off too dramatically when you switch from the lower range. A smooth Falsetto that better dynamically complements your middle voice can facilitate achieving a smooth sound throughout the entire range. Enjoyed it! Keep on Singing!

Clevanne’s Bio:

A young pilot from Canada, I started singing on stage when I was around 10 in the Philippines. I started learning the Ukulele when I was 16 and shortly after, I made my first cover “Sunday Morning” which I later re-did in 2013. I started learning to play the guitar in 2012 and shortly started making videos with a guitar. Music, along with flying, has always been a passion for me and I strive to keep honing my skills in music as it is a big part of my life. In all honesty, I intend to keep music as a hobby and continue on pursuing my goals in areas of Aviation and further while keeping a close touch to my musical skills, continue improving it, and continue to share it with others like my biggest role model, Chris Hadfield.

  • Gail Attard

    I love your voice , it’s really deep :)

  • ASingingPilot

    Thanks! I was actually sick when I recorded this :S That’s why it’s a bit deeper haha