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Coached. episode 1

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Vocal Coach and Rehabilitation Specialist Dane Chalfin www.21stcenturysinger.co.uk coaches singers to focus on ‘evidence’ not ’eminence’ when seeking voice training. Here, Dane is working with Vocal Artist Laura Oakes. Check out their bios.

  • Sylvie Boisel

    Thank you both of you to share this work with us.

  • Ayokeys

    Thanks for this. Lovely song, love the guidance for better support. I know the help given directly applies to the keyboardist/vocalist, but is it possible to have something that deals with that scenario?

  • Pino

    She sinngs best but it is better do not play the gutar

  • Cliftonthayer

    Seeing is believing. Thank you coach Dane and beautiful song Laura (i’m going to itunes right now).

  • Barry Wilson

    Thanks for this. Food for thought that I have to make more of a conscious effort to posture