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Collaboration and Promoting Yourself – Signe Gry Thorup

She found a musical partner after reconnecting with an old friend – and their music is taking them places!

In 2008, Signe Gry Thorup (known in the industry as Signe G) reconnected with an old friend, Vesa Haapanen, to form Leaving Atlantis. The duo have since been selected as ‘SoundClouder Of The Week’ and have featured on AmazingRadio, local London stations and The Tom Robinson Show. They have also performed at showcase gigs in clubs and venues in London and Copenhagen, receiving promising reviews.

Her latest achievement is being the runner-up in our VoiceCouncil Singing Competition Summer 2015. We asked Signe a few questions to find out more about the woman behind the voice.

One influential singer, and what it is that makes them stand out to you?
Sia, because she’s got it all – the technique, diversity, range, expression and, most importantly, an extraordinary sense of feeling.


Being completely DIY trying to promote yourself is one of the biggest challenges

Biggest challenge to breaking out and sharing your music with new people?
Being completely DIY trying to promote yourself and spreading your music, and the frustration when knowing your songs are really unique.

Something that’s worked for you in reaching a larger audience?
Getting blog posts and reviews, radioplay at BBC6, being a featured vocalist on dance music even if I compromised my own personal taste.

A performance FAIL?
Live on stage when my voice was unhealthy so I couldn’t actually sing.

A performance SUCCESS – and why?
First time with full band playing Leaving Atlantis songs at a big showcase because it was the biggest dream of my life that came true. Singing my own songs live with a band in front of an audience.

Favorite Vocal Gear and Why?
My recording mic (Audio-Technica 4033) because I love how it sounds.

A musical lesson you’ve learned the hard way?
That you can’t trust anyone in the business even if they praise you immensely and that you can be so close to a big break when suddenly it can fall to the floor, without any good reason.

A vocal-singing lesson you’ve learned the hard way?
There is no easy way. You just have to do the work to be able to sing comfortably and with ease ;)

You have to be very consistent, bold, experimental and patient

A few ingredients of a memorable vocal performance?
A fantastic talented backing band that loves your songs, lots of practise (with backing singers too) before performing and the feeling of being in the exact right place, doing what you love the most.

Most important lesson you have learned about social media?
That you have to be very consistent, bold, experimental and patient.

Most important lesson you have learned about vocal health?
Not to have a night out drinking alcohol the day before a gig!

A question you wished we asked you – and your answer?
One of my biggest dreams to fulfil in my career? To sing live on stage with Prince!

What is an area of your singing work/career that is a little (or a lot) unique or different that you could elaborate on?
My musical project Leaving Atlantis is pretty unique. It all started when Vesa & I reconnected on Facebook after several years in 2008. We both studied music at The Powerhouse (Thames Valley University) in London. We instantly connected musically and the first songs were very quickly born as soon as we hit the studio. After that we were travelling between London and Copenhagen, whenever we had the time, over a two year period before we had the material for a full album.

Leaving Atlantis’ latest song – “Don’t You Know”

The debut album has been recorded in London, Copenhagen, Zimbabwe, Helsinki & Lapland and mastered by good friend James Towler in Steve Winwood’s amazing barn studio in the Cotswolds near Oxford. It is a dream come true to have my songs and Vesa’s beautiful and intelligent compositions come out for the world to hear. We’re still working together and have material for a late but promising follow up, or an EP, hopefully later this year.

Signe Gry Thorup is the honourable second place of VoiceCouncil’s Singing Competition (Summer 2015). You can see her entry here.

Signe Gry Thorup Bio

Singer, topliner & songwriter Signe G. is from Copenhagen, Denmark, with more than 15 years of experience on the live scene. Her main project is Leaving Atlantis but she has also been improvising on DJ sets, doing various collaborations in multiple genres, doing cover jobs and being the featured artist for top EDM producers & swedish pop step duo, Modual.

Website | Facebook | SoundCloud
Headstrong – Let Me Be The One | Modual – Fade Away

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