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Command Your Performance

You are creating a multimedia, multisensory experience –says Jeannie Deva

Each of us sings for our own reasons, but usually we share one main motivation — we love it.

We have something we want to share with others.

This is a wonderful thing. To give to others is honorable and audiences certainly respond favorably to this quality in a singer.

But let’s take a wider view of what we give to our audiences.

It’s common to think that we are only giving them our voice – yet a live performance is a multimedia, multisensory creation and experience.

Isn’t that true of performances that have moved you emotionally?

Though your voice is the single most important facet of the performance, it is only one of several sensory creations that will influence your performance and audience.

This week, I want to highlight two of these:

A Performance is Visual …
Unlike a recording, your visual stage presentation is an important element of any performance. This includes what you and the rest of the band wear, how all of you are positioned on the stage, how you move, how you interact with the band and audience, the lighting, and anything and everything that goes into the visual aspect of the show.

A Performance is Present Tense …
A performance is a live communication between the singer and audience in present time. Don’t create mental image pictures of someone and sing to that person in your mind. Doing so will only remove you from the present and diminish your vitality and the emotion of the song. Sing with the intention that each person in your audience receives and understands what you’re expressing right at this moment.

Singing with confidence and conviction provides a strong foundation for an unforgettable performance.

Add to this a purpose to move the audience, good vocal technique and smooth stage presentation, and you are well on your way to a powerful vocal performance.

My Reactions to This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Ed Quesada – Paraíso Perdido (Original)

Que fantastico! A mi me gusto mucho (I liked this very much). Great energy and the band plays together well. I can tell you all like each other; this communicates good energy to your audience, making us like you even more. Nice change of vocal effects, interesting rhythmic arrangement, excellent energy, and good vocals! I can tell singing is your life – you sing that way and it sounds great. Perfectamente! Un placer. (A pleasure.)

Larry Neely – Easy (Cover)

Gotta love that VL2! You added some very tasteful harmonies throughout the song. I really like your easy singing style. Nice voice. For the room you were singing in and the sound of your keyboard, the effects settings you used on your lead vocal was a bit too much and a little too “electronic” sounding for my taste. Thanks for the way you edited the video intro. This attention to detail presents a professional image.

-Jeannie Deva

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  • Ed Quesada

    Thank you for your feedback Jeannie. It’s satisfactory and motivating to read a comment like this! It’s been quite a bit since that performance you saw. ]