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Competition Winners – August

Competition Winners – August

You could be the winner of this month’s Facebook and VoiceCouncil-subscriber competition.

Every month a lucky singer who signs up for our newsletter wins an awesome piece of sound gear.

AND so does someone who leaves a comment on our Facebook competition post.

The response to August’s Facebook question was fantastic (“What was the first album you ever spent money on? Are you glad you did?”) and our randomly selected winner was Mark Walker, whose response was “K-tel Presents 1976, I still feel cheated”.

Mark WalkerWe got in touch with Mark and asked him for his best performance tip:

“Relax. Nervousness and tension come out in your voice.”

Lesley DianeLesley Diane was the lucky winner of our monthly subscribe competition, where we select a new VoiceCouncil subscriber at random. We asked her which singers inspire her, and why:

Emmylou Harris for her southern gothic, crying-on-pitch pharygeal sound. Maria McKee singing Victoria Williams’ “Opelousas (Sweet Relief)”. Miriam Makeba singing “Pata Pata”. The Mahotella Queens for the richness and freedom of their voices. Bono- so inspiring as a great singer, and as a man of living faith in action.

She also cited one of her favorite Brett Manning quotes:

“The deeper your discipline, the easier the art of singing becomes.”

Both winners will receive a Mic Mechanic.

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