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New Contest – Plus Winners from December

Competition Winners – December 2013

It’s back, and as big as ever – YOU could be the winner of this month’s Facebook and VoiceCouncil-subscriber competition.

Every month a lucky singer who signs up for our newsletter wins an awesome piece of sound gear.

AND so does someone who leaves a comment on our Facebook competition post.

Before we tell you about December, you can get involved now for a chance to win a MP-75 mic. Just become a VoiceCouncil subscriber and enter our Facebook competition for two chances of winning the prize!

Facebook Competition

Jodi Luisa Davies We had a phenomenal response to our question:

“WOULD YOU RATHER open for a headlining act in front of thousands of people, or perform for a small group of loyal fans who are there to see YOU?”

90 of you hotly debated the merits and drawbacks of both, but our favorite answer came from Jodi Davies, whose response won her a Mic Mechanic.

I have performed in front of both and as adrenalin pumping as a large audience is there is something far more special about performing to a small crowd of appreciative fans, plus you can have a chat with them after.”

We asked Jodi for her top singing tips:

  • The most important thing… is to take care of my instrument by being healthy, drinking plenty of water and always warming up before showtime!
  • It is good to give yourself goals, whether it be to learn a tricky lick, or a certain song that may challenge you.
  • Don’t just sing in your bedroom in front of the mirror with your hairbrush, get out there and go to jam nights, mingle with other musicians and get that performance experience.

Subscriber Competition

In addition to our Facebook competitions, every month we select one lucky subscriber to win a prize too. This month’s lucky winner was Mike Sebbage from London.

Mike Sebbage

Mike works in social media and offered his insight into band promotion:

“The best tip I can give to any singer or artist looking to promote themselves on-line is to start with a simple website and make sure that your website is REALLY SOCIAL!

A website is your hub to which all your social media content and information should be directed back to, so it’s really important to let people know, on your website, where they can engage with you and how they can become a part of your community. A sparkly, whizzy website with great photos, videos and tour dates is absolutely no use at all if no-one knows it’s there, so integrating social media into your website, and vice-versa, is imperative!

Make the most of all the (often FREE!) tools that are available to help you get your music out there… and engage with your fan base!”

Both winners will receive a Mic Mechanic, courtesy of TC-Helicon.

Want to be in with a shot of winning a MP-75 mic? Become a VoiceCouncil subscriber and enter our Facebook competition for two bites at the apple!