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September 3rd, 2015 | by VoiceCouncil

Abigail Moffitt

Vocal Coach comments from Jaime Vendera

Great job, Abigail. Nice phrasing, great voice, great start to a great future! I like that you move around on stage. But, since this is a critique, let me offer some advice. Though you did do a great job on stage moving and singing to your audience, you can pull them into your singing even more if you’d practice wearing the emotion of this song on your facial features. What I mean is to make sure you connect to the audience with your eyes and let them “see” the emotions you’re singing. It may be as simple as a slight look of pain as you dig into the chorus.

Speaking of the choruses, I can tell you have range and power. But I bet your voice would shine even more if we ‘centered’ those notes of the chorus just a bit more.  What do I mean by centered? Floating right in the center of that pitch so effortlessly that the sound carries on the wind;) For example, when you sang the words, “Let me in” at the 2:33 minute mark, WOW, you nailed it and it sounded amazing. You were very centered in your notes and sang with lots of passion. Apply that same passion on every line of the chorus and I bet you sound even more amazing. For me, this means a little more downwards pressure in the abdominal region, sort of like when you get mad at your siblings and scream, “get out of my room!” It doesn’t hurt your voice and soars out of you so loud and effortlessly that you could shatter glass with your voice. Use this approach for those choruses and knock it out of the ballpark. Overall, I am VERY proud of you. Keep singing and shine, shine, shine!

Abigail Moffitt's bio

Hi – I’m Abigail Moffitt. I am 12 years old. This performance is 1 day before my 12th Birthday! I have been vocal lessons for about a year and a half now, but I have always loved to sing! I live just outside Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario! I would LOVE to have feedback about my video and so excited to be part of your contest!

This singer was an entrant in our competition which ended on January 15th 2016.

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  • Cathy Hallessey

    Terrific feedback! Fully agree with Jaime (I’m Abigail’s vocal coach here in Canada). So proud of her!