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October 7th, 2016 | by VoiceCouncil

Allison Dobkins

Vocal Coach comments from Jenn Bostic

Allison, you are such an entertainer. Your stage presence is fantastic and you seem to be really comfortable on stage. Your vocal tone is a great combination between pop and jazz. The quality of your voice in the verses really shines. Lyrically this song is kind of a mouthful, and during some of the quick sections the words got a little lost, it may feel awkward, but over enunciating those sections will help the listener better understand the lyric. I can’t believe you’re only 14, your belt is developing incredibly well. There seems to be a tendency to tighten your cords as you reach for the higher notes, and the intonation suffered as a result toward the end of the song. This was my biggest challenge as a singer growing up, and my best advice would be to relax your jaw and blend some of the warmer tone you’re singing with in the verses into your belt. You have a big future ahead of you, great job!

Allison Dobkins's bio

I’am Aspiring Singer and Songwriter and model I have been singing for about six years. three years of vocal training. My vocal range is octive 3 1/2 I sing Pop, Country, Rock. My dream is to become a professional singer. This video is from Talent America Nationals in NYC. in 7-2015

This singer was an entrant in our competition which ended on January 15th 2017.

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  • Allison D

    Thank you very much for the nice complement, and good advice. this was from talent America last July. I continue to practice.