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August 5th, 2017 | by VoiceCouncil

Amanda Tovalin

Vocal Coach comments from Mary Carewe

Your voice has a wonderful warm quality and the ‘airiness’ around the sound is very attractive. I love the idea of using the violin and loop pedals but it is maybe a bit of a challenge from a tuning point of view – it was hard to be sure where the centre of the pitch for the song was. As it progressed this became more of an issue for me. Despite liking the sound of your voice I wasn’t convinced about the tuning because of the way the track built up and this was more marked as the vocal lines were layered. I am sure that this concept is something you can develop (please do!) – really concentrate on making sure the violin loops have great tone and pitch and then the song will sound more grounded and show off your lovely voice.

Amanda Tovalin's bio

“Originally from Mexico City, Amanda Tovalin is a singer and violinist of popular contemporary music. Her compositions bring a fusion of latin rhythms, folklore and jazz. She has been a student of great masters such as Bobby Mcferrin, Scott Tixier, Tardo Hammer, Alex Mercado, Magos Herrera, Iraida Noriega, among several others. In addition, she has worked as cultural manager, supporting and organizing various events dedicated to art. In 2014, Amanda Tovalin records her first album “”Amanda Tovalin”” (Jazz Collective), generating positive national and international reviews. She is now is presenting her latest production “”Punto de partida”” numbered No.1 of the 2015’s albums by the magazine Sin Embargo MX and generating great reviews in media such as Rolling Stone MX, La Jornada , the Chronicle, and international media as the Jazz LA Jazz Scene.

This singer was an entrant in our competition which ended on January 15th 2018.

The overall winner received:

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