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December 3rd, 2016 | by VoiceCouncil

Andrea Nies

Vocal Coach comments from Matthew Edwards

Hi Andrea. You have a great voice: unique timbre, great pitch accuracy, a wide variety of colors, and an effective delivery. Some of your riffs are spot on while others are less accurate. To improve the accuracy of riffs and runs, sit down at a piano with this recording and play every note in the run. Once you know the run on the piano, start singing along. Begin at a slow tempo and slowly increase the speed until you are at full speed. For many singers, adding this element allows them to feel the space between pitches (via the keyboard) making it easier to navigate vocally. Great hearing you! ~ Matt

Why I chose Andrea Nies as a Finalist

I am choosing Andrea to move in the VoiceCouncil competition. Andrea has a good handle on her technique, a unique timbre, and uses a wide range of vocal colors that add polish to the final product.

Andrea Nies's bio

Hello, My name is Andrea Nies and singing is my biggest passion. I love to perform and compete as a vocalist. I love your website and I’d love to be a part of your winter competition this year! This is a cover video I did of Beyonce’s “Listen” from the movie Dream Girls. It’s one of my favorite songs.

This singer was a finalist in our competition which ended on January 15th 2017.

The overall winner received:

  • 1000.00 in Prizes (USD or equivalent)
  • Feedback from Celebrity Vocal Coaches
  • Media promotion for You and Your Music

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  • Ruth Ratliff

    Congratulations – I know you have “what it takes!” Andrea is a natural talent, who has recently started studying voice with me – I’m honored to be a part of her journey!