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December 1st, 2016 | by VoiceCouncil

Andrew McDade

Vocal Coach comments from Matthew Edwards

Hi Andrew. This is an interesting song. I think it would sound best with just your acoustic guitar. I wouldn’t add the lead guitar; it takes away from your voice. As for your voice, I would like to hear more colors. For instance at 1:14, your voice could get a little edgier to match the strummed guitar underneath it. You can try doing this via vowel shape and/or registration. In this instance, I would say you should add a little more chest to your mix or sing with a little more closure of your vocal folds. Variations in registration and vowel will help your vocal colors match the colors of your guitar and most importantly the lyrics. I think adding this element will help take the song to the next level. Great hearing you. ~ Matt

Andrew McDade's bio

I always liked playing around, but recently I started finishing songs, the one heard was changed to fit the MSW class. It would seem I have started a new life/ it’s simple now, although I’m a therapist by trade, it is only myself that I work on. In the quiet so much now comes through, inspiration/ I was always a social lite, now I desire to touch other’s hearts and point at a path

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