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August 19th, 2017 | by VoiceCouncil

Asha Fletcher-Peters

Vocal Coach comments from Mary Carewe

This is a really atmospheric song. It seems to me from this clip that you have a lot of very creative ideas. Your voice is good, though as yet not completely in your control – the ‘operatic line’ shows that you will benefit from learning more about connecting your voice to your breath and support – that’s the reason why the line isn’t quite as smooth as it could be. However, it’s a great sound. That lack of breath control is also clear in the lead vocal (eg at 0.55-58 where the pitch and tone go a bit off at the ends of the lines) but you obviously have a voice with real potential. I would love to hear this again in a couple of years time when perhaps you have had some more technical singing lessons. Great stuff!

Asha Fletcher-Peters's bio

Asha Jane, is a soulful voice writing stories to tell. Her material masks subjects of innocence and experience in poetry, mythology and the arts. Sometimes she will wear elaborate wings and art pieces on stage taking influences from an eclectic palette including the likes of Etta James, Newton Faulkner and Florence and The Machine. This is a video for my first single ‘Soul Society’, inspired by a poem by Emily Dickinson.

This singer was an entrant in our competition which ended on January 15th 2018.

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