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June 7th, 2017 | by VoiceCouncil

Chelsea Snow

Vocal Coach comments from Dr. Rachael Gates

Nice to see this confidence in one so young! Careful that your pauses for breath remain in time musically, but I applaud you for taking your time with the Anthem rather than racing through. Be careful – your tone is pressed and your pitch is inconsistent – sometimes flat and sometimes sharp. However, way to be a diva with the high note! Finally, you may find it be better to put pitch pipe in pocket rather than set on ground.

Chelsea Snow's bio

My name is Chelsea Snow, and I just turned 12 earlier this month. I sing in French, German and Italian opera arias. I am soprano who sings the Bel Canto method of opera. Bel Canto means singing in beautiful voice and originates from old Italian teachings. It is with my pleasure to show you what a beautiful opera voice can be. – Thank you.

This singer was an entrant in our competition which ended on June 15th 2018.

The overall winner received:

  • 1000.00 in Prizes (USD or equivalent)
  • Feedback from Celebrity Vocal Coaches
  • Media promotion for You and Your Music

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  • keith

    yikes. I too have taken opera lessons and deeply loved them. However, I suspect her lessons have detracted from her original natural voice. Too much attention to method. She does have a beautiful voice, time to free it.