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February 19th, 2017 | by VoiceCouncil

Eugenia Mikulan

Vocal Coach comments from Jai Ramage

Wow, there are lots of different styles in this video and your voice is versatile. You show a mixture of soulful, jazzy and pop vibes and your voice suits them all. You also work through many vocal textures and variations within the mash up of genres. Your riff movement is agile and you have good dynamic range. I would suggest that you now work on choosing one song and really make it your own. Think how you really want to sound as an artist. Try and get all the best vocal colours and contrasts in the song and order them giving it a clear structure. You have great potential, well done!

Eugenia Mikulan's bio

My name is Eugenia Mikulan, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I love singing. I also like dancing, acting and every once in while write some stories. I have been writing my own songs for approximately 8 years, and I have been going to singing classes and practicing a lot for 4 years. I’m just 16 and I would love to win this contest for several reasons, including the opportunity to feel awesome about my improvement, feel that amazing sense of fulfilment, and the chance to add this to my resume ;). Thanks a lot! Euge.

This singer was an entrant in our competition which ended on June 15th 2017.

The overall winner received:

  • 1000.00 in Prizes (USD or equivalent)
  • Feedback from Celebrity Vocal Coaches
  • Media promotion for You and Your Music

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