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December 3rd, 2016 | by VoiceCouncil

Faith Gatewood

Vocal Coach comments from Matthew Edwards

Hi Faith. This is a great song for your group. Instrumentally it is clean and your voice mixes well with the instruments. I like that you are working that microphone, just be careful not to pull it away at ends of phrases while you are still holding a note. Check your harmonies with your partner and try to find complimentary vowel qualities. If he is singing darker vowels while you sing brighter ones, it can affect the accuracy of the harmonies. Great hearing you. ~ Matt

Why I chose Faith Gatewood as a Finalist

The VoiceCouncil Team has chosen Faith to go further in the competition because of the rich and powerful quality in her voice.

Faith Gatewood's bio

I a Singer/Songwriter from Detroit, Michigan I have perform with a lots of party Bands from China to South Korea. I have excellent stage presence and vocal skills You can say I have a long tracks record, If I can touch someone with my singing then that is what make me happy.

This singer was a finalist in our competition which ended on January 15th 2017.

The overall winner received:

  • 1000.00 in Prizes (USD or equivalent)
  • Feedback from Celebrity Vocal Coaches
  • Media promotion for You and Your Music

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