October 19th, 2016 | by VoiceCouncil

François Lévesque

Vocal Coach comments from Jenn Bostic

François, wonderful performance. You have a really beautiful presence and voice. Your passion for your art shines through in this video. Your runs are seamless and your musicality is something to be admired. I would love to hear you bring in a little bit of that warmer tone you’re using in the verses to the higher chorus sections. You use your head resonance well, it would interesting to hear you experiment with different placements of the tone for different sections of the song. Overall, fantastic performance.

François Lévesque's bio

I’m a French Canadian singer now living in South America, so I sing in French, English and Spanish. I’m into live looping and acoustic downtempo music. I love playing with vocal and guitar effects, but sometimes a song doesn’t need anything but a guitar!

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