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January 1st, 2015 | by VoiceCouncil

Gio – Somebody to Love

Vocal Coach comments from Shlomo

Love your energy and the power in your voice. I love the dynamic with your band mates. You could improve the sound of your videos no end by recording the direct stereo signal from the sound engineer’s mixing desk. You can buy a small recorder to do this for very little.

Gio Chacón's bio

Greetings from Costa Rica !
This cover is played by MR. FAHRENHEIT, QUEEN tribute band.
Singing Freddy’s vocal lines is always a challenge and an honor, mostly because of the differences between female & male vocal passaggio. Hope You enjoy the performance.

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  • “Doctor B”

    Recording from the board? Well maybe… but at a small gig like this, the sound guy is likely only amplifying vocals, and possibly keyboard – the guitars will have their amps and the drums are probably loud enough that no mic’s are on them at all. When I want to record our band live I use a second mixer and mic set with a laptop computer.