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March 7th, 2015 | by VoiceCouncil


Vocal Coach comments from Dane Chalfin

I really like the song but I feel like you are having to let your voice thin out too much in the upper range to give a really credible rock sound. Maybe think of dropping the key a bit so you can really thicken up the vocal settings and deliver a more intense sound. It would be great to hear you utilize more yell-based, belt sounds here and get away from that cry/mix sound a bit more. Have a look at my videos on Primal Sound for some things to experiment with.

Héllena's bio

Living in London for only a short time, Héllena made it into the MTV Unsigned Top 20 and gained 6 Gold awards on BEAT100 for “Don’t Change”. In March 2013 she performed at SXSW festival and by early 2014 she reached No1 in ReverbNation’s Soul/R’N’B UK charts. Fresh off a guest appearance on Simon Lederman’s BBC London 94,9 fm show, Héllena is building a strong online fanbase and performing live with her band across the UK.

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  • Deanna Dubbin

    Hmmm. I’m thinking if she drops the key then she’ll get lost in the lower range. Her pitch and control is not great in the upper range which to me, seems more about placement. It sounds like she’s not using her soft palate when she sings to get a more space that offers a more resonant sound. By not using her soft palate it gets thin and nasal. Just my 2 cents as a vocal coach and vocalist of 40 years. Good luck to this young woman. It’s always courageous to put oneself out there to be judged so I say bravo to her for throwing her hat in the ring and doing it.