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February 19th, 2016 | by VoiceCouncil

Janice Oliver

Vocal Coach comments from Mister Tim

Delightful. Fantastic voice quality. You’ve got real skill. You make is sound easy.
I think you are not taking full advantage of the freedom this song is offering you. You can play more. Lengthen, shorten, vary the phrasing.
Connect things we wouldn’t expect connected, disconnect others. Depart from the melody, especially after the bridge. You are doing some things to make the song your own. Do more. Excellent work!

Janice Oliver's bio

This is a practice with a backing track. I am currently building up a repertoire of jazz standards that I perform, working with a variety of jazz musicians. I am planning on developing more experimental arrangements and introducing self penned songs to record professionally in the future.

This singer was an entrant in our competition which ended on June 15th 2016.

The overall winner received:

  • 1000.00 in Prizes (USD or equivalent)
  • Feedback from Celebrity Vocal Coaches
  • Media promotion for You and Your Music

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