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April 1st, 2016 | by VoiceCouncil

Julien Sardon

Vocal Coach comments from Ron Browning

You have a nice wide range to work with and some wonderful tone and vibrato. A very excellent vocal instrument indeed! I would work on smoothing out the vocal registers more. I feel this would be easy for you by doing a few things: Go easier on the breath and support. Keep the torso, abs and back more relaxed. Avoid reaching or scooping down into the low notes. Try not to prepare for them so much. As you approach the upper register keep the body relaxed and use less and less air the higher you go. Avoid opening the mouth more in an attempt to accommodate high notes. Also, think of “being beamed up” into the high notes, rather than being so insistent that they be there when you want them. Be “lifted up.” And over all, you can be much less emotional while singing. Be more conversational, as if you are really talking to someone. Try singing the same melody to an improvised grocery list to get the feel of connecting to the “word” with a more intimate “real life” approach. Excellent voice though! Keep it up!

Julien Sardon's bio

I’m Julien, born and raised in France. After many years, i know who I am, where I come from, and where I want to be and go…
Being famous for me is not an end…it’s a beginning…Because I could give so much to people, i could offer them presents, money, Love, I could give them hope, I could tell them to keep the faith, and NEVER give-up their dreams because everything is possible if we believe and if we open our arms to the magic of Life…..

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  • Julien Sardon

    Hi Ron, Sorry for my late replay. I thank you so much for your technical feedback. So helpful !! I Will work with !! Well, You know, I take it for granted that I must let the things go naturally. And to be more “talking” than “singing and interpreting” like an opera singer. I have been going back to the Speech Level Singing method. Besides, I want to tell you that I used to be stutterer (from 3 years old to 12), that’s why I guess, I focus too much on voice !! I think you are 100% right ^_^ I need to focus more on what I want to express !! to really ENTER in the things I want to say !!! And in that way, Ron, do you think, it would be very useful for me to work on Rap songs ?? I mean, I’m quite sure, that rap songs, will develop my voice into a more “booming” one ? Anyway, Thanks a lot for your feedback. I wish you all the best…Take Care. JULIEN