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November 1st, 2014 | by VoiceCouncil

Julien – “Unchained Melody” (Cover)

Julien Sarden's bio

Hi I’m Julien, born and raised in France. Music, the expression of feelings, emotions….What mouth can’t say, Music has this huge power to say it…I want to dedicate this song to one of my dearest US friend, my Dear pianist !! Thank you for everything !! You are an amazing person….

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  • Gary

    Julian, great song to show off vocals. Your vocals were in tune so to improve what was already an excellent performance, I would focus on your timing…. usually the last word of verses was staccato and could have been held out longer to increase the emotion. Your runs were very nice but if you use them a little more sparingly, depending on where they are placed, they can have a more dramatic effect. Great job!

  • Julien Sardon

    Hi Gary, thank you so much for your feedback !! and taking time to watch my video and comment :) Actually when I recorded this video, I no longer worked on technic !! But now I start again special yoga for voice, I also work on “breathing” !! – What do you mean by “staccato” ? DETACHED from the previous word ? Or “staccato” , the term used in piano ? the last words of verses are “WAIT FOR ME”….I should sing ME-EE-EE in “staccato” and hold the last EE ?? anyway, thank you so much for your comments, advices, I will work on this song by applying your tips !! ^_^

  • Gary

    Hi Julian, I apologize for the delay in answering your questions. Examples of what i heard are the words ‘touch’, ‘much’, and ‘need’. You are very consistent in your approach and that is good – what I wanted to hear on those words was a more intimate, longer lasting feel. With the word ‘much’, make me feel like you care more about or with the emotion at that moment. Same with the word ‘touch’ – very powerful words that can be used to pull the emotion of the listener to you. You use that emotion perfectly when you say ‘God’ shortly after the word ‘need’. Make the listener feel you mean the word ‘need’ just as much. Wish you all the best in your performing career!

  • Julien Sardon

    Hi Gary , Thank you one more time for your kind answer !! So nice of you !! I think I get what you mean : You think I should add more “soul” and “meaning” to the words MUCH, TOUCH, and NEED ?? These words sounded a little flatter or emptier ?
    You know what ? I tried to sing them as you advised…and you’re definitely right !! ^_^ Thank you much for everything !! I wish you a lot of wonderful and magical moments during this period of the year !! I want to record some new videos : maybe a gospel medley…best Regards from France