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May 12th, 2015 | by VoiceCouncil

Kelly Young

Vocal Coach comments from Tom Burke

Hi Kelly. You have a great range and ease with the riffs. This is an iconic song and along with that comes its challenges. Consider working with a movement coach to clarify the specificity of  your movements while singing. On certain words with the /a/ vowel the pitch tended to be flat. This is common when the tongue is too low. Experiment with singing with the tongue in a higher position. Say “ay” and notice the dorsum or mid-back portion of your tongue against your top molars. This should be the position for a bright /a/ that will be more stable on more consistently on pitch. From a videography perspective, shoot videos in landscape with clearer visuals on your face and less background noise.

Kelly Young's bio

Hello! My name is Kelly. I’m a singer, voice coach and musician. I graduated with a degree in Music, and then trained in Musical Theatre. I’ve worked in the UK and overseas as a professional singer, and released single ‘Learn to fly’ through Allowance Recordsand I am now focusing more on teaching to to support my singing career financially. Plans for the future – recording more of my own material, keep setting up my singing business, set up a wedding band! Kelly xxx

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