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December 23rd, 2014 | by VoiceCouncil

Rachel Bearinger

Vocal Coach comments from Leontine Hass

You have a lovely voice and play guitar very well. This is a good video and you are proficient. You use your voice in the same way throughout the song. It would make it more interesting to put more vocal color into it. One way of doing this is to find more depth in your voice. Technically, this means lowering your larynx a notch now and then to make it sound a bit more soulful. There is also room for more vocal connection. You have a tendency to get a bit breathy. There should be a section in the song where you ‘take off’ vocally. This section should require you to work much harder vocally and to connect more at the vocal fold level. This, in turn, would heighten the emotion. A repetition of emotion always becomes boring. Figure out how you can add the sense of going on a journey to this song. On the whole you are very good, so it would be exciting to see you take more risk and take this further.

Rachel Bearinger's bio

I’m a 19-year-old guitarist/singer from Iowa. I’ve been performing on my own and with my family since I was 14. In the fall, I’ll be starting school for instrumental music education.

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  • Very understated performance, which can make it difficult to stand out. Personally, I love it – and can totally hear it on a film soundtrack or John Lewis advert or something. It’s mesmerising, and becomes a bit of an earworm – I’ll have this song playing at the back of my head for many days to come.
    Nice guitar playing too, by the way – refreshing to hear a competition entry where the guitar is perfectly in tune.