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April 3rd, 2016 | by VoiceCouncil


Vocal Coach comments from Ron Browning

A very soothing voice that creates a fun, dark mood that is appropriate for this song. It’s hypnotic, relaxing. You might want to explore raising the key to get the voice up off the floor of the chest so that it has more energy throughout. A half or a whole step should do it. Breath and support would be easier for you, and the over-all groove would be better. The last couple of phrases tell me you have a good middle voice just waiting for something more challenging, so a higher key could be fun. I’d also step out of the mood entirely and just tell the story. Don’t be afraid of losing the emotional fabric of the song. There is so much emotional DNA in the lyric—as well as in the melody, the chords, the tempo, and definitely the black and white video! It just needs a clear channel to ride out on—which is you! Come through the entire song on one syllable, like “blah blah blah,” to free the voice, the pitch, and the rhythm. Technically, I’d work on the low register on a 5-note scale. Use the syllable, “hee hee hee”, and sing with staccato attacks. That will bring more energy and natural support to those lower tones.

Sibylline's bio

Vocal therapist in everyday life, and choir singer for 20+ years, I have turned to amplified music and solo singing along with picking up bass guitar in September 2013.
I am now part of an online voice/bass duet project with another bass player Mariusz Boruta. You can find all about our work 

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  • Alê Acusticamente AcousticaBil

    Diferent!!! Very Good!!!

  • keith

    tasty! …and great sounds on the bass! I like the intimate mood of your husky deep voice better than your higher/middle range stuff, so I disagree with the pro Ron Browning about the key.