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Connecting With Fans

This week we’re looking at the ways we keep in touch with our fans

In order to survive as an artist it is vital that we promote our music through any means necessary to stay connected with our fan base. Through the power of the internet and websites such as Facebook and Youtube we can now interact with our fans in entirely new ways and share our music across the globe. However, is this really better talking face to face with our fans at the gig? This week we’d like to hear about the ways that you stay connected with our fans.

So the question is: As an artist, what methods do you use (websites, forums, mailing lists etc) to keep in touch with your fans? 

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week I asked:  What advice would you give to someone suffering from stage fright?

Kaitlin Riddler posted on Facebook:

“Pretend like you’re the only person in the room”.

Matt Colhoun commented:

“The best way to get over stage fright is just focus on your breathing and simply begin. Its getting on stage and starting that’ s the hard part. If you can simply begin the rest is much easier”.

Gina Furrugia responded:

“Everybody has different reasons for encountering stage fright-it depends on the person and the particular circumstance, the last experience they had on stage. The best way and the quickest way is to find a good vocal/performance coach that will ask the right questions and give you the guidance that you need”.

Fantastic comments this week, keep checking back, commenting & keeping this forum alive.

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