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Conversations with Satan

I’ve spent much of my working life responding to the requests and needs of those around me.

As noble as that can sometimes be, one day my soul told me that I needed to devote more time to my own creative work.

For me that involves writing – for you, it might be singing new material, songwriting or experimenting with new styles.

So, I picked up my pen to create.

It was then that the Devil came to me and said,

“Before you do anything of a creative nature, you must first pay your dues: read more books, seek out the advice of experts – know everything that you can possibly know about your subject before you create.”

These words sounded quite reasonable.

After all, in the world of education I’ve learned the value of turning over every stone in search of more information, the importance of qualifying every assertion, and ensuring that all experts have been properly cited.

So, I plunged myself into more study and consultation.

Then, once again, I took out my pen, determined to create.

Again, I heard the Devil’s voice:

“Are you sure that there is no theory, fact, book or expert that you have overlooked? What about some more coaching?”

There’s a default place I go when I try to be creative: a feeling of needing to know something more before I can create.

I don’t believe in a literal devil; I am just using ‘him’ as a device to indicate how dreadfully powerful I have found my own pull away from creativity.

So, here I am, learning to exorcise that devil.

If you’ve had a similar inner conversation, then I hope you will feel that you are not alone.

Together, let us defy him…

…and create.