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Craig Antony’s BIG FIVE music apps!

Craig Antony’s BIG FIVE music apps!
Singer, Songwriter and Lecturer in Voice at Leeds College of Music reveals his top apps.

For me, music apps have two main roles; to create and to aid – these 5 apps help me with both:

100x100-voicejam1. VoiceJam
This is a simple yet powerful looping application that allows the user to create amazing soundscapes and backdrops to their music. Using the intuitive controls you can switch between six different loops at a time, mixing, copying and layering the parts to your hearts content. For me, this app is a great ‘idea tool’ for when you are out and about, allowing you to realize those ineffable moments of creativity right then and there — no matter where you are.

100x100-morphwiz2. MorphWiz
This music creation app (or is it better to call it an instrument?) will give you a musical and visual experience like no other. Created by Dream Theatre’s very own Jordan Rudess, the Award-Winning ‘MorphWiz’ takes full advantage of adynamic touch screen interface so that users can create everything from wild vibrato to soaring glissandi, making use of a plethora of different effects presets to create truly unique sounds and textures for their music. I must confess, I am no expert with this app but it makes the music making process so much fun I could sit and play with it for hours. For full effect use this app with a larger interface such as an iPad or Tablet.

100x100-amplitube3. AmpliTube with iRig
Probably my favorite app in the effects/recording category, the ‘AmpliTube’ guitar app is a comprehensive multi-effects processor and portable recording suite, all in the palm of your hand. Once paired with the iRig adapter you’re all set to plug-in, play and ‘rock out’! This app is great for travel, and in situations where you have to keep the noise at a minimum. I often travel for work and ‘AmpliTube’ affords me the ability to practice without the need of amplifier or pedal board, and without upsetting the people in the hotel room next to mine.

100x100-musicnotes4. MusicNotes
Gone are the days of heavy workbags laden with scores, charts and manuscripts! MusicNotes is a sheet music viewer that puts all this at your fingertips. With its fast, clean and intuitive interface this app allows remote access to your ‘Music notes’ purchases. Turning the page is a matter of a simple swipe and there are also a bunch of handy editing tools, not least of which is the transpose function, which allows you to view your music in whatever key you like! I use this app daily on my iPad in all sorts of situations. There are other apps out there with similar functionality, some are even free! However, this is my favorite.

100x100-soundwave5. Soundwave
Heralded as the ‘Instagram of music’ the Soundwave app offers a brand new way to enjoy and discover new music. By syncing with your native media player (like Spotify – my favorite music streaming app) the app creates a digital profile of your musical tastes. Once you’ve set up your profile you can check out what your friends are listening to and even create playlists with them using content from other sources. I love to see what weird and wonderful music my friends are listening to, and on many occasions have discovered a new band or artist through the Soundwave service. This is one app that is definitely worth a look.

So there you have it: my BIG FIVE music apps, I hope you enjoy using and interacting with them as much as I do.

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Craig Antony MA (Dist.) is a professional Singer, Composer & Educator. Currently lecturing in vocal performance at Leeds College Of Music, Craig is also gaining attention across the UK as a singer-songwriter whose music has been described as “driving, engaging and passionate”. www.craigantony.co.uk