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Craig’s Flash Mob Countdown Ep. 1


Over the next four weeks follow me through the thrills and spills of planning my own unique Flash Mob experience –says Craig Antony

In an industry that thrives upon innovation and creativity, we (the artists) are left forever searching for new and exciting ways to promote our music.

Enter the Flash mob; a spontaneous, sensational ‘pop up performance’, designed to both shock and awe.

You join us at a crucial moment, in the very embryonic stages of planning, with many challenges still ahead and countless factors yet to be defined.

• Where is it all going to happen?
• Who will perform it?
• And crucially, how are we going to pull this thing off?

As a creative soul I regularly find myself stumbling into projects like this, driven by my unquenchable love for music.

A Logistical Nightmare?

Yet, I must confess, there is a part of me that yearns to overlook the inevitable logistical nightmare that ensues.

With a project on this scale, we’ve naturally had to consider issues such as security, and the health and safety implications of having fifty five wistful warblers descend on the general public in the middle of their lunch break!

Not only this but as we intend to use footage of the event for promotional purposes we’ve had to arrange for licensing of the material and release forms for all the performers.

Having said this, we are lucky enough to have an amazing venue on side, who are doing pretty much everything they can to help service my creative ambition.

Next week I’ll let you know more about how we’re building the momentum…


Craig Antony MA (Dist.) is a professional Singer, Composer & Educator. Currently lecturing in vocal performance at Leeds College Of Music, Craig is also gaining attention across the UK as a singer-songwriter whose music has been described as “driving, engaging and passionate”. www.craigantony.co.uk