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Craig’s Flashmob Countdown Ep. 2 – Song Choice


What are we going to sing? This decision will of course prove pivotal to the success (or indeed failure) of the final performance –says Craig Lees

For me, the perfect Flash Mob song must be M.E.A.N.

Memorable – The mark of a great pop song lies in it’s ability to grab us, using hooks, riffs and catchy choruses to burrow deep into our self-conscious. Like them or loathe them, they leave a lasting impression on the listener’s mind, one that they won’t forget in a hurry. This effect is essential for any Flash mob.

Energetic – For a Flash-Mob, energy in the performance is crucial. Unlike a concert hall or theatre the audience is transient, therefore you only have a split second to engage them and draw them towards the performance. Consequently, it is crucial that our song is dynamic, up-tempo and full of life

Adventurous – Fundamentally, a performance of this type is designed to jolt the listener from their daily life and immerse them within an exciting holistic experience. Although the idea of a Flash-Mob is still fairly radical, coverage of similar events on social media and television mean we must work even harder, and be even more adventurous if we are to shock and ultimately impress the listener.

Number One – Achieving the coveted number one slot often means that a song has won the hearts and minds of the nation and will almost certainly be well known among the general populous due to extensive radio/television play. This in turn gives you a good indication of how it will be received by your audience on the day.

To discover what I eventually chose as the song for my Flash Mob, and hear more about the decisions and deliberations along the way click the video above.

Join me soon as we embark upon the rehearsals!


Craig Antony MA (Dist.) is a professional Singer, Composer & Educator. Currently lecturing in vocal performance at Leeds College Of Music, Craig is also gaining attention across the UK as a singer-songwriter whose music has been described as “driving, engaging and passionate”. www.craigantony.co.uk