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Craig’s Flashmob Countdown Ep. 3: Rehearsals


I find myself torn between excitement and fear.

On the one hand, this rehearsal was the moment I had been waiting for, making all of the tedious meetings and fervent emailing worthwhile.

On the other hand, what if I’d forgotten to consider something? After all, in a project of this nature there are literally hundreds of unplanned possibilities.

A Good Start

The student’s responded with vigor, hanging eagerly on my words and soaking up every last morsel of the arrangement I had prepared for them.

By the end of the four-hour rehearsal we emerged exhausted but with the entire skeleton of our piece mapped out. Certainly a good first days work!

Work to Be Done

For me, the ‘big unknown’ is choreography.

I have purposely avoided implementing a rigid dance routine into this number, knowing the performers would much prefer a freer, and altogether looser finish to the final performance.

Nevertheless, when performing in a space of this size and stature there is a necessary amount of movement incurred just to reach our first positions. So how are we going to practice this?

Naturally, we do not have access to the venue outside of the performance itself (despite my cries for a 3am dress-run-through after the shoppers had gone home)!

So we are doing our best to reimagine the space in our rehearsal studio. Not an easy task but I am sure we’ll manage.

Over the next few of days I will be holding sectional rehearsals to work with each voice type (soprano, alto, tenor etc.).

I will now be spending time with each of the soloists, ensuring they feel as prepared as possible for the task that lies ahead.

Despite these concerns, I honestly do believe that today’s rehearsal has set us on the course for success.

With some hard work, determination, and perhaps even a little luck I am confident we can make this performance a great success.

Tune in soon to see how things actually went!