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Create Easy Vocal Tones

It’s time to erase unnecessary tension with these singing exercises from Brett Manning.

If we make singing hard and painful for ourselves, we won’t do it anymore. Use these exercises from Vocal Coach in Residence Brett Manning to find your way to an easy tone.

My Reactions to This Week’s Peer Review Vids

Alicio Suz Alicio Suz – “Be Alright” by Justin Bieber (Cover)

Tons of raw talent, great tone, very commercial style. Need to work on comfort with phrasing. Trills are real clean. Sing your soft notes with more conviction. Career is very likely for you if you do even just a ‘little bit’ of training.

Sara Dooley Sara Dooley – “Stay” (Cover)

Because I coached Mikky Ekko, I’m going to be more critical of any covers. However, I believe my buddy Mikky would appreciate the way you sung this. Artistically subtle, great texture to your voice, very well rehearsed. You didn’t try to ‘out-sing’ the song. If you were my student, I would brag on you. Bravo!

Gwen Maui Gwen Maul – “Misty Blue” (Cover)

Cool voice! Phrasing with such swag and savvy! Very enviable! Deep, sultry tone! Love it! You should sing film scores. Great control. One of the best voices I’ve heard all week! Unique tone. Your talent is badly needed in today’s bland industry.

Brett Manning

Brett Manning is widely recognized as one of the most innovative vocal coaches in the world. His “Singing Success” program has made global strides in the way people learn how to sing. Brett’s uncanny ability to “see with his ears” allows him to identify exactly what is happening inside a singer’s voice. www.SingingSuccess.com