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Creating Great Online Content

This week we’re looking at how to make your online content stand out from the crowd.

In today’s 21st Centaury music industry the web is a vital accessory in getting our music seen and heard. With the use of sites such as Facebook, YouTube  & Twitter we are able to interact with our fans like never before, sharing content with millions with just a single click. However, with every industry savvy singer making use of it, the Internet has become saturated with wistful warblers, craving for ‘likes’ and ‘hits’ like never before. This week we’d like to hear about how you make your online content stand out from the crowd.

So the question is: With so much artistic content on the web, how do you make sure that your posts and videos are seen and heard by your fan base?

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Great Comments from last week:

Last week Craig asked: Do you suffer with acid reflux or a similar complaint? If so, how has this affected your singing and what solutions have you found to remedy it?

Christopher Morgan-Locke wrote…

“If you have it bad go to your Doctor there are several medical causes which they will check for also there are some good medications that fix it very quickly that they can prescribe. If it is not too bad as Sharon said Gaviston or similar can help. Don’t leave if too long as it can cause real damage to your throat and can stain your teeth. There are some medical throat experts listed in the Ultimate Guide to Singing”.

Kerrie Garside commented…

“A big problem, can’t pinpoint a particular food item for me (although sometimes it’s alcohol) – I found pretty much eating less overall especially at night and having Pariet on hand has helped HEAPS”.

Suzanna Woods responded…

“I have it. Caffeine turned out to be an irritant and now when I feel it’s bad (normally under stress) I take Gaviscon or omeprazole to calm it down. Nightmare for singers”.

Another great response this week. Acid reflux affects so many of us and can be extremely frustrating, it’s good to get some advice on how other singers are tackling this problem.

See you all next week.


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