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Make Creative Covers for YouTube Success

Make Creative Covers for YouTube Success
Learn from your peers how to stand out on YouTube – here are 5 recent covers with both simple and quirky magic.

Whether it’s a location shoot or a bedroom jam, let’s see what it takes for these videos to go viral.

Social Repose – Stiches by Shawn Mendes


Don’t judge a book by its cover! Richie creates all sorts of creative covers, using pedals, his voice and random household objects! In this video a scrap of tin foil is all that is required. He chose a popular multi-screen format to showcase each musical element. He understands that standing out from the crowd is paramount to online success.

Third Story – Hot Line Bling by Drake


These guys make a cappella look so easy! They loop finger clicks and haunting harmonies before splitting off into solos and layered backing vocals. The vibe is languid and atmospheric and they chose a mysterious urban space for the shoot. Every element is highly rehearsed and slick, portraying them as top-notch professionals.

Samantha Harvey – Work by Rihanna


Samantha twins a simple piano backing track with sultry articulated vocals. This performance is more accessible for those who struggle with Rihanna’s relaxed patois. She chooses a homely backdrop and a D.I.Y recording set up demonstrating that any singer can get great exposure with minimal financial outlay.

Walk off the Earth – What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber


This playful band are famous on YouTube for their current unique covers. An effects pedal lays down the beat then they multi task with complimentary timbers and harmonies. They allow the song arrangement to ebb and flow with carefully chosen breakdowns and build ups. This is a super credible version of a potentially cheesy pop tune.

Conkarah – Hello by Adele


Conkarah’s sister plays Adele in this sunny cover. Switching genres can energize a song that may be considered overplayed. The shoot is akin to professional music videos where an exotic location is used to emphasize the musical style. Silky harmonies and highly produced vocals give this video the professional seal of approval.

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