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Creative Partnership: The Key to Musical Fulfillment?

Creative Partnership: The Key to Musical Fulfillment?

America’s Got Talent Finalist Cami Bradley talks about her new duo and life after reality show success.

Reality shows offer no guarantee of a continuing career, and only a rare few contestants actually maintain the same level of success after the show airs.

It has been a year since Cami Bradley gained her huge following on America’s Got Talent, and she is as determined as ever to dedicate her life to music.


Cami Bradley is as determined as ever to dedicate her life to music a year after appearing on America’s Got Talent

While most artists struggle to find their direction after having been put in the ‘box’ of their reality show, Cami has found new direction in the form of an unexpected musical partnership.

She is has now become a full-fledged song-writer and artist together with her long-distance band mate and co-writer, Whitney Dean.

Tell us which accomplishments you are most proud of from the past year:
This past spring I partnered up with a musician from Alabama and we started a duo called The Sweeplings. Working on The Sweeplings has been an amazing ride so far, and I’m so excited to see what comes of it.

How did you find Whitney?
It started when his wife saw me on TV! The first time we got together to try out some music, he and I ended up writing eight songs in two days. Needless to say, we had song-writing chemistry.

There are always challenges, the main one being trying to get yourself out there

Congrats on your new band and great new songs and vids! We know there are also difficulties in this business. What is challenging you right now?
There are always challenges, the main one being trying to get yourself out there. There are so many talented people in this world (and in this business), getting the word out about who you are is difficult.

What do you find hard?
Proving that you are talented, smart and driven is one of the hardest things to do. But it’s also the most rewarding. If you are dedicated enough, you work hard, and you push through the “no’s,” when you finally reach your goal/dream, it will be that much sweeter.

How has it been moving beyond AGT?
AGT gave me an amazing push that allowed me to meet people I never would have met, and build a fan base that has stuck with me. I’ve loved getting the chance to prove that I can do this after the show as well. I’ve been so impressed that people still follow my career over a year after the show ended!

If you hadn’t gone on AGT, would you still be pursuing a music career?
Absolutely, but probably not at the level I get to do it now. I’ve always loved singing and writing music, but being on AGT helped me realize that I want to do this as a full-on career. AGT gave me the confidence to pursue it as my life.

How often are you performing these days?
Pretty much every week! I’m traveling all over the US performing, and I love every second.


The Sweeplings performing in Florence, November 2014

Tell us about how you have changed in the past year.
I feel like my brains exploded with new ideas, new vision and bigger dreams. I’ve now gone beyond being the girl with a good voice who can rearrange music. I now have a new identity with as a songwriter, a singer and a bandmate.

How does your new identity feel?
It’s a wonderful feeling to get to a musical place that “fits” me as a singer. It feels so right. It’s challenging and yet completely comfortable. Vocalists often try to sing in the wrong genre or style, when all they really need is to switch to something where their voice fits perfectly.

How would you describe the style that is fitting you so well?
The music I get to sing now is a blend between folk & pop. It has a very cinematic feel, so I can add my own touch to it without it stepping outside of the genre. I take influence from all the music I listened to growing up (jazz, pop and rock).

Who is helping make your career happen?
Luckily, I have an amazing family, husband, friends, and now a musical partner and his wife to help make my dreams a reality.

Do you have any advice for our VoiceCouncil community?
I’d just like to add that I have evolved vocally as well! I’m always looking for ways to progress and hope that your readers will do the same — we should never be done learning or growing as vocalists.

Cami just released her first EP with The Sweeplings. They are working on their debut album now.

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Cami Bradley is the lead vocalist, co-songwriter and piano player for the indie folk/pop duo, The Sweeplings. She and her band-mate Whitney Dean just released their EP and are working on their first album. Her solo album, Seas, peaked at 23rd on the iTunes charts in the fall of 2013 after she finished in 6th place on the 8th season of America’s Got Talent, where she gained a loyal following and constant praise from the judges. She is also a photographer, volunteer church musician and owns a motorbike.