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Dakota Striplin – It’s Not Unusual cover

Vocal Coach Comments from Jeannie Deva:

Your vocal style and song interpretation really caught me by surprise and captured my attention right from the start. Your laid-back personal presentation was charming (fully equipped with a bathtub behind you – guess you wanted the acoustics of the bathroom?) You updated this Tom Jones song extremely well. At a few points in the song you had some pitch problems. Yet, the majority of the time you sang on pitch and in key. So to get consistently on pitch for this song, try singing the melody slowly and smoothly using an Ee vowel. Play the guitar chord by chord. Then for any passage that you hear yourself going off pitch or in any way are uncertain of the notes, before you move on to the next phrase, drill the notes of that phrase over and over until you are singing them exactly and with confidence. But that aside, once again let me acknowledge your voice and style – wonderful!

  • Maria

    Absolutely loved this!!! If I were you, I would record with a camera that has sharper audio because your voice (and guitar skills) are sooo worth it!!! p.s. you are adorable!

  • Julien Sardon

    I love this song !! Just reminds me every time i listen to it, the famous “Carlton Dance ” in The Fresh Prince !!
    Actually, when I’ve seen that you were about to sing this song with guitar , I was a little sceptical !! But eventually I Liked the style !! Your skills as guitarist are really good !! The only thing that you have to make it better , it’s the pitch !! Maybe you could try to find a keyboard or something , just play the notes, and then make the lips rolls exercices through the notes of IT’S NOT UNUSUAL !!
    something you could also do : just play one note with guitar and then sing the half-tone above or below , and then you continue the process !! It’s just for your ear training ! anyway, everything about INTERVALS !!
    but good work !!

  • You have such natural talent!! You do not come across as rehearsed at all! I was so surprised by your voice I don’t know why but I thought it would be deeper………….I guess the best word for your voice would “romantic”! Hope you have a u tube page going because if not you should. AND you are very good looking guy always a plus!

  • Gail Attard

    Your amazing <3 your voice is so so unique keep it up :)))