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Dan Paul – City Romance

My name is Dan Paul, and I’m a singer/songwriter living in Brooklyn, NY. I have one album available on iTunes (itunes.com/danpaul) and a brand new one in the works. I hope for ”City Romance” to be the first single.

  • Hi Dan,

    Nice song! I like the vibe and topic of the song. Your’e lyrics match the song nicely and stay in context with the song. I like when you engage us best…looking down at the keyboard a lot disnegages us from your story. Since we don’t actually sey the keys…leaving that in the backing track and just singing to us might have done more to breath more passion into this poignant piece. The hook doesn’t lift off from the rest of the song, so it’s a lil’ tough for me to tell it apart from the rest of the melody line cept’ that you repeat the words City Romance. Lastly, get yourself a decent mic so we can better hear that saccarine voice of yours. All in all, I really like where you’re going with this!!!



  • Something’s moving in the background! Watch out! :-)

    Nice song, Dan – I like the chord progressions and verse melody. Brian is right in that the chorus melody need to be more different than the verse – maybe sing the same figure several intervals higher to bring out the timbre of your higher registers, especially during the words “City Romance”.

    Looking forward to your next tune!


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