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Dance, Dance Resolution

When you fully commit to your music, your body will MOVE -says Mister Tim

I have small children. They do many things instinctively: breath, laugh, fill diapers, sing, and dance.

No one has to tell them to dance. When they hear music they like, they start to move.

They sway, they wiggle, they bop, they groove, they jump, they bounce, they run. The music just does that to them.

Great Performers Dance.

I don’t mean choreography necessarily. I don’t even mean structured dance moves, necessarily.

Great singers move as they sing. They move with the music; they engage their body to express what they are singing.

They abandon any timidity and commit to the music.

This almost always means MOVEMENT, action appropriate to the song, the body naturally expressing the music.

Check these out:

U2-New Year’s Day (live from Dortmund 1984)

Adele – Set Fire To The Rain (Live at The Royal Albert Hall)

Ray Charles – What’d I Say LIVE

System of a Down – BYOB Live!

Muse – Knights Of Cydonia: Live At Wembley Stadium 2007

Children naturally express emotion through movement. Great performers do also.

The rest of us have somehow forgotten, or been taught to forget, our natural inclination to move. We censor our physical reactions to music.

When you fully commit to your music, your body will move.

A Challenge for 2013

My challenge for you: go someplace and dance. Find a club, a dance hall, or a party.

Find a folk dance group, or a cultural event that has dancing.

Close the blinds in your house and pump up the music while your housemates are gone.

Let yourself go and without thought for who is watching, or what they might think, or for how good you are, JUST DANCE.

Be funky, be crazy, be silly, be wild. Be FREE! Dance, dance often, dance like no one cares.

Then, once you have learned what it is to dance freely, dance while you sing.

If you dance while you sing, it means:

* you know your song well enough that you don’t have to think about the singing part and you can just let go and enjoy

* you are likely free of tension, probably singing expressively, and you are moving past inhibitions that are holding you back

* your performance will be more visually engaging

Dance. Just dance.

My Reactions To This Week’s Peer Review Vids:

Jackie Torres – Thinkin’ Bout You – (Frank Ocean cover)

Jackie! Sweet, strong voice. Great command of your range. Excellent control of your light pop sound. So much to love. I feel like your runs are a little mechanical, though very precise. Overall you seem a little stiff, but that may be because you’re shackled to your headphones and computer. I think you can be more expressive in your voice, in your movement, and in your overall performance. Keep it up! Very nice!

Guus Mulder – The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore (James Morrison Cover)

Guus! Fantastic. I love how clear and confident you are in your low range. Performance is dynamic and expressive. Excellent high range. Fun to watch and to listen to. The only weak link I heard was the high falsetto of the refrain “pieces don’t fit.” I think you could find a better way to sing that so it’s as strong as everything else. Also be careful when you get really loud that you don’t force the sound from your throat, the pitch is a shade low on some of the notes, and I worry you’d lose vocal power by the end of a multi-song set. Sweet stuff!

Nadiah Your Song By Ellie Goulding [Elton John](Cover)

Nadiah! Warm sound. Great comfort with your understated singing. Your relaxed attitude is a great asset. Fun listen. At “You can tell everybody” I lose the energy that you’ve had. New section of the song, there should be some kind of energy shift to show us it’s a different section. In this case, headed for the chorus. When you pause, we assume something important is going to happen. You pause after “that I put down in words”, make sure the next lines _sound_ important (because they are, that’s the whole point of the song!). Keep singing!

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