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Daniel A Thompson – Just The Way You Look Tonight

This video is now competing on the TC-Helicon Love song competition – Just The Way You Look Tonight by Daniel A Thompson

  • Nice piano playin’ Daniel. I’m enjoying your use of the effects processor as well. Thanks for sharing.



  • Musidad

    I just listened to this with a Bose headset. Fantastic job Daniel. Anybody that listens to this should treat themselves to a great rendition by using a nice set of speakers or headset.

  • Hey Daniel,

    You just gave me an idea to use in my own compositions! Thanks!

    Your piano playing is very ’90s – in a good way – and you have a smooth gentle vocal character that shows up in your harmonies via the Harmonizer. I like how the harmonies follow the dynamics of your singing, so the high notes are more apparent than the low notes – much like there is a backing vocalist there with you.