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Daniel de Bourg – Beyonce 1+1

Singer songwriter Daniel de bourg (aka DDB) is gaining serious momentum on Youtube & won Best R&B Mixtape in 2010 for his work ’THE PRELUDE’

  • Billy O’Con

    Daniel,  I have nothing to say—except totally awesome. Most people should not attempt material such as this and then there’s the exception to the rule. You are that exception. Peace to you……Billy O’Con.

  • Well Daniel,

    You’re a bad ass at what you do…great voice control, passion.  Boys II Men kinda’ vibe…nice to hear a white guy with soul and a few tricks in his bag vs. just screaming all of the time. Your pitch is strong…nice when you dip from power into breathiness.  Alas, there’s nothing new here that I haven’t heard before…but…you’ve got sex appeal, and you’re very marketable.  Killer falsetto…you go brother!  I know the industry will know what to do with you.  Great job dude!

  • Anonymous

    Whoa!  That was smokin’