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Daniel Trefilio – You Gotta Be cover

Engilsh teacher, Major in Language undergrad student and soon to apply for master degree in English literature. Singing is but a hobby, but one I really devote myself to.

Mister Tim has chosen Danile Trefilio as his “Pick of the Month” as an artist who shows promise in their singing and performing. Here is Tim’s review:

Low, warm, smooth… great, distinctive voice. I’m loving the sound. Your “-er” endings sound funny (wiser, stronger…). All the other words/lyrics are smooth and clear so these sounds stand out as odd (too much ‘oo’? Should sound natural, like speaking, and I don’t know anyone who says ‘strongoor’). Also you’re so relaxed and in control in the low range, but the high notes aren’t as strong. You can’t be quite so relaxed for the high stuff, and can even use that to great effect: you’re mellow and smooth, but you can have POWER that you only let out in calculated bursts. I also think you can stretch the style of what you can do with the low voice. Don’t just sing, find a way to manipulate your sounds to best advantage. It’s a sound that not a lot of people can pull off, so take advantage of it!