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Dave Kester – Hope For Now cover

Hey, my name is Dave Kester. Im 21 years old and have been playing guitar for several years along with a couple other instruments. I have just recently started singing and hope to get better at it. Check out my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/santa9264?feature=mhee

  • Nice man you got a lot of feeling you put into it. That’s great. When you are sold on it.. it’s easy to sell others.

  • Stgeorgefriends

    sounds great!! your vocals are very good!!!!

  • Hi Dave,

    I like your playing.  No offense, but the video looks and plays kind of crappy.  However, you offer a bit more emotion than most of the other submissions this month.  You’ve got great emotion in your voice.  I enjoyed this number cos it has season and pain in it.  It’s one thing to cover a song note for note but a lot of young artisits lack the ability to capture an emotional performance.  So if I stop looking at the shaky video, my ears truly enjoy what I’m hearing.  Well done!  Well, almost until that distortion kicked it…dude, put some effort into your audio and video quality next time cos you’ve got a lot of raw talent.