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Dave Martin – Madness cover

Vocal Coach Comments:
This song translates surprisingly well to an acoustic version. You have a lovely, bright tone & vibrato. There was subtle use of harmonising technology that you could’ve capitalised on even more. You pretty much nailed that ‘money note’ but it could’ve benefitted from a little more ‘weight’. My main criticism is that there wasn’t much visual performance (it seemed more like a rehearsal) and there were pitchy moments in the live lead vocal and some actual incorrect note choices in the added harmonies.

Dave’s Bio:
A professional music educator, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer, I collect my various gigs and compositions at shinyheadmusic.com

  • Dave Martin

    To any who watch this video, if you’ve got questions about the Helicon Harmony G-XT pedal, which I use all the time, I’ll be happy to answer!

  • Ricardo Fernandes

    Hi there, I only want to ask you, what app do you use on ipad? To organize Lyrics and chords?

    Thanks in advance!

  • mfguitar11

    I don’t know what Dave uses, but I swear by OnSong. It’s easy to use and they do a decent job of keeping it updated.

  • Dave Martin

    Forscore. It’s the best!

  • Ricardo Fernandes

    Thanks my friend