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Dave Roscoe – James Black – Hey Why (cover)

Bio: I’m 40 years old and just recently started singing formally. I’m front man for a 5-man band called “The Unusual Suspects”, doing covers of popular rock and blues songs. We’re in the process of putting together a demo CD to try and get some live gigs.

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  • Sarah Bella

    well you don’t look 40 :) Rocking vocals, enjoyed this cover!

  • Hi Dave,

    Great rock voice…husky…and personal. I dig the vibrato and the rough reality in your vocal. Good song choice for your voice. Not much to critique other than you may want to back of the mic when you’re roarin’ on the power throws…your mic distorts…you can still kick it the same way…just back up a bit and it’ll come through nicely. Good job!



  • Thanks for the great comments! Mister Tim, not sure if I completely understand some of your suggestions. In particular humming the non-vital parts. What does this do? Thanks!