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Dave Roscoe – Your Decision (Alice in Chains cover)

Bio:I’m 40 years old. I just started singing formally a couple of years ago and recently joined a band named the “Unusual Suspects”. We’re out of Massachusetts and just starting to get out there and do some live shows. Maybe one of these days I hope to get some professional vocal coaching.

  • Anachronite

    such a cool song and great vocal. made me pick up my guitar and figure out the chrods the first time I heard ya sing it.

  • Thanks man!

  • Carole8g

    Sounds amazing.. you have an incredible voice!

  • DaveMachado

    Mr Roscoe! GREAT job man!!! You sound killer!

  • Thanks, Dave!

  • Terry

    Great job. Great voice for rock music.

  • Hi Dave,

    Sounds like you've got a good voice for rock n' roll. The mic sounds a lil' distorted though; check your gain staging to help clear that up :). You mention in your write up about wanting to someday take on voice lessons; you're 40! Go for it ;). If it's not in your budget to take on a coach, take a gamble on a CD set for starters. Good luck with the band brother!