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David Bonin – Forever original song

Vocal Coach Comments from Jeanni Deva:

Hi David – lovely to receive an original song! Thanks for sharing it. Your guitar accompaniment was nicely done and helped to convey the mood. In hopes that you would like some pointers to improve your vocals, here they are: When a singer tightens their lips, which occurs in over pronunciation of words, muscular constriction in the throat is the result. The sounds of your voice come from the vowels sounds, not the consonants. I noticed you were “working” your articulation during which this exaggeration of lip positions was the result. Let your word pronunciations become more natural – like when you speak comfortably to someone. Without speaking with you, I don’t know what sound you’re going for in this song or in general with your voice. If you want to have more tone and reduce a slight strain in your voice and as well have an easier time singing in general, consider that your sound comes from the vibration of your vocal folds (housed in the front of your throat just behind your Adam’s apple), NOT from pushing out air. Instead of “singing on an exhale,” think of sustaining vowels or singing vowel to vowel. This will help.

David’s Bio:

Hey guys, I’m a 28 year old guitarist, singer, and producer from Calgary.